Analytical tools and energy systems analysis at the national Chinese level

This block develops analytical tools and scenarios for China:

  1. We first lay the grounds for an analytical model for the electricity sector in China (time and space resolved basis, regional division of China).

  2. Then we focus on major analytical aspects through scenario analysis of RES expansion up to 2050 and annual power dispatch in a time resolved manner.

  3. We investigate major enablers for flexibility in the power system which provide the basis for the integration of RES into the power system. We focus on demand response and EE options, as the most cost-efficient enablers at short term, as well as on sector coupling with the heat and transport sector, which are important flexibility enablers at the longer term.

  4. We analyse the organization of power markets in China and compare with Germany and Europe. Without such a reorganization of the power markets, RES will not efficiently penetrate the markets. It is important to develop market elements which provide incentives to producers and consumers to integrate RES into the markets.

  5. Finally, we focus on the policy implications on the analysis and on market-based policy support for RES.

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