The first objective of OPTRES100 aims to establish analysis capability of the Chinese power system (both in a national and supra-national context).

Second, it is important to analyse flexibility enablers for the forthcoming power systems with high RES shares. Such enablers are notably extensions and flexibility of the national electricity grids, interconnections with neighboring countries, RES technology mix, sector coupling with the heat and the transport sector, as well as storage technologies. However, the most important enabler is - from an economic and an acceptance point of view - demand response (DR) to flexibly shift loads when too much or too little RES electricity is available.

The third objective of OPTRES100 is to establish practically the role of demand response DR (flexible shift of loads) and energy efficiency (EE) options as so-called “enablers for flexibility” in a Chinese power system characterised by large amounts of renewables and to develop instruments (such as Learning Networks) to implement DR with the actors in the energy system. In that context investigating in a broader perspective the coupling of the power sector with two major other sectors, the heating/cooling and the mobility sector, provides a broader energy system dimension to DR.

The fourth objective of OPTRES100 is to communicate on the issues and the results of the analysis with a broader range of experts and stakeholders in China.

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